Thursday, November 11, 2010

**War Flims Essay**

Have you ever watched a War movie with special effects that have dangerous awesome explosion? Well, how do you feel after watching it, or if you are watching that movie with a child, how will they react? They might call those explosions “cool” or “awesome “.They might even ask you to buy them video games that involves similar kinds of actions which is  related to those war movies. Watching these kinds of action movies causes kids to love War, as grow up they learn to love weapons, airplanes and dangerous explosions. Many say that most of the War movies are pro-war; because of the heroic pride that brings people in believing that war is something good. It makes people think that War is something to be proud of and that causes people to be more patriotic about their country.
 Like the Child who love to watch War movies they might want to become a solider or army general when they grow up. According to Anthony Swofford writer of the book “Jarhead” describes watching films about the Vietnam War. When He was watching the films with  his fellow marines ,before leaving for Iraq which took place during the first Gulf War. Swoford believes that for them that these films were not anti-war in fact they made them more eager to have the opportunity to go to the war;  the war flims have  increased their curiosity and their desire to experience something new. Swoford also states that  all war movies are pro-war more then anti-war because it introduces people to sex, drugs and  rock n roll. Swofford said “The American boys, brutal, young farm boys or tough city boys sweetly fuck the whores. Yes, somehow the films convinces us that these boys are sweet, even though we know we are much like these boy and we are no longer sweet”.  
In someway or another it shows their love for their country because the people of the country respect the people representing their country like the Army, military enforcements and others that decide to go to wars. However, no one really knows what really goes on in a war. They just visualize a picture in their mind that the Army is doing very positive things because they believe what they see in war movies like for example when killing the enemies,