Thursday, November 11, 2010

**War Flims Essay**

Have you ever watched a War movie with special effects that have dangerous awesome explosion? Well, how do you feel after watching it, or if you are watching that movie with a child, how will they react? They might call those explosions “cool” or “awesome “.They might even ask you to buy them video games that involves similar kinds of actions which is  related to those war movies. Watching these kinds of action movies causes kids to love War, as grow up they learn to love weapons, airplanes and dangerous explosions. Many say that most of the War movies are pro-war; because of the heroic pride that brings people in believing that war is something good. It makes people think that War is something to be proud of and that causes people to be more patriotic about their country.
 Like the Child who love to watch War movies they might want to become a solider or army general when they grow up. According to Anthony Swofford writer of the book “Jarhead” describes watching films about the Vietnam War. When He was watching the films with  his fellow marines ,before leaving for Iraq which took place during the first Gulf War. Swoford believes that for them that these films were not anti-war in fact they made them more eager to have the opportunity to go to the war;  the war flims have  increased their curiosity and their desire to experience something new. Swoford also states that  all war movies are pro-war more then anti-war because it introduces people to sex, drugs and  rock n roll. Swofford said “The American boys, brutal, young farm boys or tough city boys sweetly fuck the whores. Yes, somehow the films convinces us that these boys are sweet, even though we know we are much like these boy and we are no longer sweet”.  
In someway or another it shows their love for their country because the people of the country respect the people representing their country like the Army, military enforcements and others that decide to go to wars. However, no one really knows what really goes on in a war. They just visualize a picture in their mind that the Army is doing very positive things because they believe what they see in war movies like for example when killing the enemies,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Corporate governance System in Russia Influenced by USA, UK and other countries

Corporate governance is the set of processes, customs, policies, laws and institutions affecting the way a corporation is directed, administered or controlled. Corporate governance also includes the relationships among the many stakeholders involved and the goals for which the corporation is governed. The principal stakeholders are the shareholders, management and the board of directors. Other stakeholders include employees, suppliers, customers, banks and other lenders, regulators, the environment and the community at large.

Topic :
Corporate governance in Russia Relation to USA. Coporate Governance system in USA, and how/ why Russia wants This kind of government .

Russia, USA, other countries, foundation of OECD( Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ), Federal Securities Commission (FSC), Enron scandal

The US, with its highly developed corporate governance system, had to extensively revise its rules and regulations in 2002. While the Enron scandal provided the main impetus, other mounting problems had made it clear that the balance of power in many US corporations had shifted to management, often aided by supportive boards of directors. Russia’s new code of corporate conduct appears to have borrowed substantially from the US in specifying the standards for many areas of corporate governance. the US has been viewed as a world leader in effective corporate governance practices and transparency, with strong laws and tough enforcement, particularly by the Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition to such legal requirements and restrictions, individual stock exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq have their own standards and requirements. In contrast, the listing rules of the German Neuer Markt do not mandate specific corporate governance structures or practices. Although the initial international influences on Russia’s corporate governance system came from international organizations and from the US, the system might well begin to show more signs of being influenced by other countries.
I think this topic is really cool, esp. learning about the Corporate governance
system in USA, and how Russia also want This kind of government .

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


McCarthy ,Daniel  and Puffer, Sheila.Corporate Governance in Russia: towards a European, US, or Russian Model?European Management Journal. Northeastern University, Boston, USA. 27 November 2002.

De Boyrie ,Maria E. and Pak, Simon J. and Zdanowicz, John S. “Estimating the magnitude of capital flight due to abnormal pricing in international trade: The Russia–USA case.” Accounting Forum.  New Mexico State University,USA, Penn State University,USA, Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA. 13 May 2005.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Russia and USA relation (websites and info.)

(1)Corporate Governance in Russia: towards a European, US, or Russian Model?
-This article is about how Russia have multiple of government system which falls in to both USA and European government system. This is very interesting article; it would be very helpful for my research because it involves USA and how Russia is influenced by USA government system. It also has all recent data about how Russia is influenced by other countries.

(2)Russian Immigrant Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
- These two articles only have a little bit of information about immigration to USA from Russia, but I still believe this source would be very helpful.

(3) Estimating the magnitude of capital flight due to abnormal pricing in international trade: The Russia–USA case
-This article is about Russia Trading relationship with USA and  it also involves
Governmental and international lending agencies. The  also  tells us about international trade that involves import/export transactions between the U.S. and Russia.
Highlight words : Auditing; Capital flight; Imports/exports; Trade; Transfer pricing; Tax policy; Regulation; Globalization ( have very importand information about Russia and USA relation, very useable information that would be need in the research)

(4)Information about Russia to help me learn more about  Russia so It’s easer for me to understanding the other texts I’m reading.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flim "Heart and Mind" (Vietnam War)

The flim " Heart and Mind" is a documentary made in 1974 based on the Vietnam War directed by Peter Davis. In This flim we saw the epic documentaries of what really happened in the Vietnam War, which took place in Vietnam from 1960's to 1970's. While America was trying to live with pride at the same time people in Vietnam was suffering. As we saw it in the flim that to American People at that timeVietnam was seen as a toy that Americans can play with. As if Americans can do anything they want to Vietnam without paying any price for what they did or do. The American soliders treated the Vietnamies very poorly, they didn't have any respect for any people of Vietnam. Some soliders from the American Army didn't even know what they were doing, and they didn't even know the purpose of the War. Some soliders said that they were just there to do their job.The Americans made them suffer every way possible. The childrens were dieing, there was dead people eveywhere, the soliders were just shoting at anyone they see, there was poision spray, and bombing that killed millions of Vietnamies and their homes for no reason and people with injuries were walking around everywhere. This war was a disaster, and Americans got involved in this war without any solid reason. This Flim have opened my eyes of what America is really like and how power can turn you very evil over time. This film also pointed out of how America is seen to the world and how the world is seen to America as being the most powerful Nation in the world.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Russia (Soviet Union)

This country is very interesting to me because at one time Russia (Soviet Union) was one of the super powers in the world and the other super power was United State. Both counties have very interesting Relationship with each other. During WWII, both countries were known, as allies at the end of the war, the friendship between these 2 countries were separated, then stepping into cold war. Still today, there have not been good relationship between USA and Soviet Union, I do not think that there are many people coming here in USA from Russia, and it is very rare. When I was using Wikipedia entry to find information about  Russia and USA relations, I found way to much information so I choose the source that best fits my topic which is “ Soviet union – United States relation “ , this source was very helpful and it did have lots of useful information.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Life In USA (about Lucy,immmigration, and first exprience in USA : Essay first Draft)

 (about Lucy,immmigration, and first exprience in USA : Essay first Draft)
            Imagine coming to New York City for the first time in your life, how would you feel leaving your own native country , leaving your family and love ones behind & miles and miles away from home ?? How would you feel not knowing what to expect , not understanding the language ?? Not getting use to the food and not knowing the streets very would you feel ?? Well I only asked you to imagine such senero, but some people actually have exprienced these kinds of feelings in reality. "Immigrants when leaving their country also leave everything familiar, their family, friends, support network, and culture. They also need to liquidate their assets often at a large loss, and incur the expense of moving. When they arrive in a new country this is often with many uncertainties including finding work, where to live, new laws, new cultural norms, language or accent issues, possible racism and other exclusionary behavior towards them and their family".(artical of encyclopedia : Immigration)
              In the novel "Lucy " writen by Jamaica Kincaid, made us feel the unforgetable expriences of being a new immgrant in a new country throug the eyes of a girl named Lucy. When she first comes to U.S.A. her expectations were different ,It was her dream to come to America she use to think this is where dreams comes to reality. When Lucy first comes to America she realized that America is a lot different from where she came from. When she arrived here she began to see things differently.
              She felt lonely like in the passage she say " a famous building, an important street, a park, a bridge that when built was thought to be a spectacle. In a day- dream I use to have , all these places were points of happiness to me; all these places were lifeboats to my small drowning soul , for I would imagine myself entering and leaving them, and just that entering and leaving over and over again - would see me through a bad feeling I did not have a name for. I only knew it felt a little like sadness but heavier than that. Now that I saw these places , they looked ordinary, dirty, worn down by so many people entering and leaving them in real life , and it occured to me that I could not be the only person in the world for whom they were a fixture of fantasy. It was not my first bout with disappointment of reality and it would not be my last."(Jamaica Kincaid:Lucy)
              Lucy felt disrespected and disappointed by people who she was living with when she came to America .They didn't treat her like she is part of the family or she means something to them, and the house maid she was living with made fun of her english accent and told her that she wasn't likeable. She missed her family and the way she use to be treated very special in her own country. She use to feel more meaningful within her own people, her parents, her friends, and other people she grew up knowing. But here in America she was just known as a Baby sitter to the family she lived with and worked for, she had no close friends or relatives to support her in feeling that this is where she belongs. She also mentioned the season changes she wasn't use to it, that even though when it was sunnny the tempature was very cold. At the end of the novel Lucy meets a girl named Mariah they were like friends, she thought Mariah was kind of funny of how she discribes seasons in USA and how disaponinted Mariah was because the weather didn't live up to her expectations, becoming upset because of the weather changes was very new to Lucy . In my belief I think most of the immgrants who goes to another country without family ,relatives or friends supporting them ends up feeling like Lucy very lonly and disapointed and completely different from others around them.
              When I first came to USA, I was 7 years old it was right after Christmas and three days after New Year's celebration. When I came to JFK airport I remembered the first thing I saw stepping out of the plane,was the Christmas tree . It was very beautiful and very exciting for me I never saw chrismas tree before and so many decorations everywhere and over all I was going to meet with my dad after 7 years, and more exciting then that was the snow, for the first time in my life I was playing with solid rain falling out of the sky. I never felt bad about comming to USA because I was with my family and all I wanted more was for my grandma to be with me but she wasn't. I had to leave many relatives and friends in my country. I missed them all the time especially when school started. I didn't know english, other students use to bother me all the time because they knew that I couldn't complain to the teacher. Worst of all was the lonliness that I felt, I had no friends but in my country I had lots of friends, I was very popular in my school , teachers and all students use to love me alot and everyone knew me but here in USA I didn't know anyone in school. I didn't like to eat anything because I was so use to my country food. I only slept during day time and stayed awake at night because I wasn't use to the time changes. In many ways I felt like how Lucy felt when she first came to USA. It took me about five years to get use to everything, the food , learn the language completely well ,the culture and more imporatantly I learned to interact with all different kinds of people who are also from different parts of the world. Now living in New York City for 13 years I realized that this is where I belong, my home and there no other place can feel like this.
               It's just the matter of time and how we see ourself in a place and how we can relate to a certain kind of environment America in the world is how cultures and Ideas of America is distributed around the world and how cultures and ideas of other countries impact our lives in USA. These days it seems like everything is culturely defused, we can find Rap in almost all kinds of music and you can find indian or chinese resturansts in any local areas, and many people in other countries started dressing like how Americans do and many of Americans started to watch bollywood movies and it goes on and on, it never end to how one country changes another country in various ways. America is a big change for new immigrants. People from all over the world comes to America for better life, sometimes when they arrive here they realize that America is not really like how they imagined, like Lucy. People comes here they work hard to get their self a better life and build up their self in this environment. Then their better life becomes inspirations to other people around the world to come to USA and when they come here they end up experiencing similar things Lucy had experienced, when she first came to USA. Through out history immigration have become increasingly associated with many countries, people from all over the world either migrate or visti a different country for many reasons. "Particularly in the 19th century, economic expansion of the U.S. increased immigrant flow, and in effect, nearly 20% of the population was foreign born versus today’s values of 10%, making up a significant amount of the labor force. Poor individuals from less developed countries can have far higher standards of living in developed countries than in their originating countries."(artical of encyclopedia : Immigration). This is what so great about USA is that you are given chance to make your dreams in to reality and ours rights of making those dreams into reality and that is what makes life in America so rich.