Thursday, October 14, 2010

Russia and USA relation (websites and info.)

(1)Corporate Governance in Russia: towards a European, US, or Russian Model?
-This article is about how Russia have multiple of government system which falls in to both USA and European government system. This is very interesting article; it would be very helpful for my research because it involves USA and how Russia is influenced by USA government system. It also has all recent data about how Russia is influenced by other countries.

(2)Russian Immigrant Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
- These two articles only have a little bit of information about immigration to USA from Russia, but I still believe this source would be very helpful.

(3) Estimating the magnitude of capital flight due to abnormal pricing in international trade: The Russia–USA case
-This article is about Russia Trading relationship with USA and  it also involves
Governmental and international lending agencies. The  also  tells us about international trade that involves import/export transactions between the U.S. and Russia.
Highlight words : Auditing; Capital flight; Imports/exports; Trade; Transfer pricing; Tax policy; Regulation; Globalization ( have very importand information about Russia and USA relation, very useable information that would be need in the research)

(4)Information about Russia to help me learn more about  Russia so It’s easer for me to understanding the other texts I’m reading.


  1. Hi Saliha -

    I think you're at a good point to start to think about how you want to focus your topic - it sounds like you've settled on post-Soviet Russia - is that correct? If you want to look at immigration, that could be a topic in and of itself. Or, if you want to look at economic relations - be careful for sources like #3, which may be too technical . . .

  2. Yes, I am working on post-Soviet Russia relation to USA, Thanks for the feedback, I'll remember.....