Thursday, September 30, 2010

Russia (Soviet Union)

This country is very interesting to me because at one time Russia (Soviet Union) was one of the super powers in the world and the other super power was United State. Both counties have very interesting Relationship with each other. During WWII, both countries were known, as allies at the end of the war, the friendship between these 2 countries were separated, then stepping into cold war. Still today, there have not been good relationship between USA and Soviet Union, I do not think that there are many people coming here in USA from Russia, and it is very rare. When I was using Wikipedia entry to find information about  Russia and USA relations, I found way to much information so I choose the source that best fits my topic which is “ Soviet union – United States relation “ , this source was very helpful and it did have lots of useful information.


  1. Hi Saliha - I think this will be a very interesting though complex topic for you. Keep in mind that the "Soviet Union" does not exist anymore. What period do you think you want to write about?

    What makes you think there aren't currently immigrants from Russia? How do you know this?

  2. I wanted to find information about the connection between Russia and USA today, but I don't get direct information about that , It always give more info. about the history then what going on today, so I wrote the post based on the history between those two countries, and yes, I had a class mate who was from Russia, He's the only person I know who was from Russia so I thought there are very few people from Russia, sorry Im not so sure about that, still searching for more info.

  3. Ok, but remember, we're just doing *very* preliminary brainstorming and searching. You will *definitely* be able to find information about whichever period you pick.